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Tips For Post-College Interns

Interning Isn't Just For College Kids Anymore

When I think of an intern, I picture myself during college earning little or no money with the ultimate goal of graduating with a competitive resume. It seems my perception is now outdated, and an intern could be somebody just like the modern me — except without a job.

Unemployed workers with several years of experience under their belts are filling the role of unpaid Summer interns in more offices than you'd think, motivated by the possibility of gaining new skills and expanding their networks. If you're contemplating applying for an internship and don't fit the typical college kid mold, The Wall Street Journal has a few tips for finding success in this role.

  • "Be modest. While you have managed subordinates in the past, recognize that you’re there to learn."
  • "Leave age out of it. Treat your younger intern counterparts as equals to avoid brewing resentment."
  • "Play it cool. Don’t try to sell your ideas or ask about a permanent job until the stint’s about to end—and only if it’s gone well."
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