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Unpaid Internship: Would You Work For Free?

A typical workday means long hours and taking orders from a boss you may not always see eye to eye with. Still, at the end of the day, the promise of a paycheck makes it all worth the hustle. So, what happens when there is no payday?

In many of the most competitive industries — and especially in light of the recession — unpaid internships are becoming common practice. In London's fashion industry, hundreds of qualified fashion graduates end up working for free. These unpaid interns are largely responsible for the beautiful clothes turned out by some of the industry's top designers — contributing their ideas and man hours, with no hope of sharing in the company's profits. Regardless of legislation to guard against these practices, many companies take on full-time, unsalaried interns without contracts. While some argue this is just paying your dues — and standard practice in the fashion industry, where things can be pretty cut-throat — I can't help but sympathize with the unpaid workforce.

What's your take on the no-pay practice? Would you (or did you) work for free after obtaining your degree?

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