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19 Ideas For Upcycling Denim

May 4 2014 - 9:55am

If you're considering grabbing the scissors and DIYing your own cutoffs this Summer, think twice before throwing the jean remnants in the trash. Denim is so sturdy that it makes the perfect material for an upcycling project. And we've found 19 that are so cute.

Statement Necklaces

Make statement necklaces with denim for a chic and casual piece of jewelry.

Source: Etsy User NestPrettyThingsShop [1]


Cutting off the top of your jeans and making it into a bag turns it into a very unique-looking purse. Add a belt to play up the fact that it used to be an old pair of jeans.

Source: Etsy User JeanneBeans [2]


Make denim bracelets by wrapping scraps of your old jeans around slim bangles.

Source: Etsy User amberhlynn [3]


Add bits of denim to your earrings for a touch of edge.

Source: Etsy User AprilGetsCrafty [4]

Wine Carrier

Given the nature of the material, denim is a good insulator, which makes it perfect as a wine bottle carrier.

Source: Etsy User DenimDoOver [5]


Denim is such a comfortable material that it makes for a great pillow cover.

Source: Etsy User AVALANCEL [6]

Coffee Cup Cozies

Cut up your old jeans into cozies and give them as gifts for friends.

Source: Etsy User sophiecls [7]


Turn old jeans into throw rugs and watch guests exclaim over how unique your floor mat looks.

Source: Etsy User godsgirlrachel [8]

Denim Hearts

Turn your old jeans into denim heart ornaments or stuff them with potpourri to scent up your home. See tutorial here [9].

Source: Etsy User LivingSoLovely [10]


A denim wallet will keep your money and important cards safe.

Source: Etsy User belrossa [11]

Bunting Banners

Create a bunting (here's how [12]) with different shades of denim for a cool-looking banner.

Source: Etsy User GoodDenim [13]

Laptop Sleeves

House your laptop comfortably in your old pair of upcycled jeans.

Source: Etsy User MioMode [14]


Rest your feet on a chic denim ottoman.

Source: Etsy User lovintagefinds [15]


Protect tabletops, and DIY [16] these smart-looking rolled denim coasters [17] that insulate surfaces from the heat of your mugs.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff


Create baskets out of old denim for both decorative and practical purposes — store items in the baskets for a more organized home. They look so much better than plastic baskets and will look like part of your home's decor.

Source: Etsy User corEcoisa [18]


Turn your old pair of jeans into a wreath to decorate your home with.

Source: Etsy User erinbearin [19]

Pot Holders

Keep your hands safe when handling hot pots and pans with these denim pot holders.

Source: Etsy User ShotgunShellSanta [20]


Upcycle your jeans into bibs, which are durable and machine-washable.

Source: Etsy User GoodDenim [21]

Heart Bookmarks

Give your old denim new life, and DIY [22] these supercute heart bookmarks [23] — no sewing machine necessary.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

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