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Victoria's Secret Says Brand is Too Sexy

Victoria's Secret Doesn't Want to Be Too Sexy

Sharen Turney, chief executive of Victoria's Secret, has proclaimed that the brand has become "too sexy" and thinks the company should get back to its more sophisticated roots. The comments were made yesterday during a call with VS investors — the company had some explaining to do after reporting Wednesday a 12% decline in its fiscal fourth quarter net income.

The chief executive said that the brand strayed from its "ultra-feminine" image and started overusing "sexy" after the release of their successful Pink line. That line is aimed at college aged consumers and it triggered the rest of the company's designs to veer on the side of really young, too. She said that the 2008 Super Bowl commercial exemplifies the "less seductive" image that Victoria's Secret will take on going forward.

Do you think that the commercial varies greatly from their traditional sexy-fied marketing techniques, and would you be more likely to buy VS lingerie if they can get away from their Pink-tainted past?

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