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13 Stages of Waiting to Hear Back From a Job Interview

Aug 20 2014 - 3:05am

Job interviews are nerve-racking. In fact, they are downright terrifying. Sitting behind a desk while an authority figure pores over every detail of your work experience is enough to put anybody into a state of panic. But you know what's even worse? Waiting to see if you got the job after the interview. Nail biting, constant pacing, and heavy drinking may ensue. Not to worry, we are right there with you. Check out the 13 stages of waiting to see if you snagged that job below. And take a deep breath while you're at it.

Source: 20th Century Fox [1]

You go into your interview feeling confident.

After preparing for this moment all week, what do you have to be nervous for?

You keep your cool until the very end.

And strut out of the office like you already have the job.

But when you get home you immediately stare at your phone.

They will call any second . . . right?

Then you kind of start to freak out.

Why. Aren't. They. Calling? Or emailing? Or something?

So you look over your résumé again in search of glaring errors.

Oh my god, did you spell "experience" wrong?

People start to ask about how the interview went.

But you just can't even discuss it. Go away, caring friends and family.

You no longer know what to do with your life.

Constantly waiting for a job has put functioning like a normal human at a standstill.

It's time to give up on any hope for this job.

Allow yourself a period of mourning.

And it's time to start the Internet search for other job listings.

Dive into that black hole of cover letter and résumé building all over again.

Then suddenly, the phone rings . . .

Who could it possibly be?

You get the news that you are hired.

All of a sudden you miraculously emerge from your bout of unemployed depression.

It's time to celebrate your triumph!

Pop those bottles.

Enjoy your victory now, because it's time to get to work.

And building a career for yourself is no walk in the park.

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