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Do You Think You Have a Chance at Winning the Lottery?

We read about lottery winners all the time, and reading their personal stories almost makes winning millions of bucks seem like a possibility. I've always considered myself a pretty lucky person, and yes, I do buy lottery tickets occasionally. Even though odds are stacked up against me, I can't help feeling that I might actually win the million dollar jackpot each time I purchase a ticket. What about you — do you think you have a chance at winning the lottery, or is it a lost cause?

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amber512 amber512 5 years
Of course! I've won before, why not again? Oh wait, you probably mean win more than a couple of bucks? Nah, probably not :)
sonya-ina sonya-ina 5 years
Everyone who plays has a chance... just not a very good chance.
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years
@care0531 Omg, I do the exact same thing! I guess we're eternal optimists.
smart-blonde smart-blonde 5 years
The only time I ever bought lottery tickets was when my entire office would put in $1 for the MegaMillions. Even then, we didn't play unless it went to $150M or more. As a devoted fan of Numb3rs, I'll quote Charlie Eppes: "You have a better chance of dying in a car accident on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you do of actually winning the lottery."
care0531 care0531 5 years
Whenever I buy a lotto ticket I start thinking that I could win something not the whole thing but a large sum and I start imagining all the things I would do.....then my bubble burst and if I am lucky I get 1 or 2 numbers the same :)
FinanceGal FinanceGal 5 years
You should keep forgetting because you have a better chance of being killed by an alligator than wining the lottery.
Diana-Nguyen Diana-Nguyen 5 years
I wish! I always say I'm going to start buying lotto tickets but always forget when I'm in a grocery store.
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