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What You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian's Travel Snafu

What You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian's Travel Snafu

There are few things more exciting than traveling abroad, and when you cross international lines, make sure that anticipation doesn't make you careless. Kim Kardashian learned her lesson the hard way. After landing in Johannesburg, South Africa on a flight from Botswana, Kim was caught between a rock and a hard place when customs requested her passport that was nowhere to be found.

Lucky for Kim, the airline allowed her beau Reggie Bush back on the empty plane to search for the passport and in her words, "He saved the day!" You and I might not have such pull with an airline that's busy preparing the plane for the next flight. Before exiting any plane, make sure you have all of your valuables including your passport, wallet, and less important but prized possessions like your iPod — my husband left his on a plane to St. Lucia.

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