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What You Can Learn From the Talented Susan Boyle

If you aren't familiar with the name Susan Boyle, she's the woman who shocked the pants off the Britain's Got Talent judges and the show's tough crowd with her beautiful voice. Everyone judged Susan when she came onto the stage looking a little spacey and wearing something that didn't exactly scream superstar, but the crowd was in awe as soon as she opened her mouth.

Susan got three yeses from the judges, including the "biggest yes ever" from Piers Morgan, and immediately following her fall into grace the presses were buzzing about whether or not 47-year old Susan would get a makeover. Larry King took it upon himself to ask Susan whether or not she would consider a total makeover and she answered, "Why should I? Why should I change? Particularly my identity."

A few days later Susan was seen wearing an outfit that made her look more put together and modern, but she's still obviously her own person. It's a good lesson for any of us striving for success: Making some compromises might be necessary, but don't concede so much that you're no longer being true to yourself.


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