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When Does Advertising Affect Your Decisions?

Advertising must be effective for companies to continue paying the big bucks for commercial airtime, print features, and celebrity endorsements, but many consumers praise TiVo for its ability to skip commercials and wish magazines could exist without advertising covering half the pages.

Brand recognition is the most obvious effect of advertising — first-time buyers of a product are far more likely to choose a brand they know over one they don't. So although most of us don't enjoy having our favorite TV show interrupted by advertisements, they do tend to stick with us in some form.

Advertising has become more sly as of late with product placement in movies and on television. For example, you can head to the Gossip Girl website after each episode and find where to buy items as seen on the fabulously fashionable gossip girls and guys.

When does advertising affect your decisions?

Photo courtesy of The CW

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