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Where Do You Stand on the Topic of Love and Money?

February is a month of decadent chocolate boxes, long-stemmed roses, and big proclamations of love. That is, if Hallmark and the floral and gift industry have their way. Truth be told, saying "I love you" for the first time is often easier than the realities that come afterward — the effort to merge your life with someone else's. Only 11 percent of SavvySugar readers say they have never fought with their spouses over money, but I suspect that minority has at least debated the topic a time or two. Where do you stand on matters of the heart and bank account?

Do You Spend Without Checking In With Your Husband?

Have You Dated a Guy Because of His Money?

Is Bad Credit a Dealbreaker in Serious Relationships?

Could You Work With Your Husband?

Would You Get a Joint Checking Account With Your Boyfriend?

How Do You Feel About Prenups?
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