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Woman Mistakenly Throws Out Mom's Life Savings

Woman Mistakenly Throws Out Mom's $1 Million Life Savings

Cash might be king, but one Israeli woman might have taken that idea too far. Unbeknown to her thoughtful daughter, Anat, the elderly woman had been stashing her life savings inside her mattress. When Anat surprised her mother with a new mattress and took it upon herself to discard the old one, it was revealed that she'd also thrown away $1 million cash.

The mattress had already been taken as garbage when Anat discovered her costly mistake. She's been frantically searching various landfills for the mattress without luck so far — one dump manager indicated the search would be difficult because 2,500 tons of trash are dropped at his site each day. Her mom might have a new mattress, but a good night's sleep might not be in the cards for a while.


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