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Working From Home Problems

#WorkFromHomeProblems That Aren't So Glamorous

Sweats, cereal, and lots of sitting. Anyone who's ever worked from home knows what the typical day looks like and that it does come with plenty of downsides. Really, how are you supposed to make lunch when you're watching a movie and trying to make it through your to-do list? Ahead, check out some of the ugliest problems that will make you want to run to the office, stat. (C'mon, who are we kidding?)

#workfromhomeproblems = #petproblems.

Uh, excuse me, you're in my seat. #workfromhomeproblems

Question of the day, every day.

When you have to choose between your favorite morning shows . . .

Keepin' it classy.

So people really do use their printers.

Click on for more #workfromhomeproblems.

What an egg-pic fail.

Conference calls and food prep don't work so well. Epic fail. #workfromhomeproblems #fitgirlproblems #iforgot #sidetracked #fail

Time flies when you're in your sweats.

Someone's quite the multitasker.

But coffee is so worth it.

Silly human, naps are for cats.

Source: Instagram users wedgienet and pennywakefield

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