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Are You Disgusted With This Gold-Digging Great-Nephew?

A husband and father of two wrote to CNN Money's Do the Right Thing column, ultimately asking if he was nuts or if his wife was the crazy one. The guy's wife is disgusted with him for pushing their daughters to build a closer relationship with his elderly, childless great-aunt in hopes she will leave her fortune to them. He thinks it's a win-win situation: His great-aunt gets company and attention, and the girls will (hopefully) get a sizable inheritance.

The column's authors tell the guy he's wrong for faking affection and that his daughters deserve better moral guidance from their father, and they remind him that things aren't always as they seem. After all, his great-aunt could very well have plans to leave her money to charity.

Are you disgusted with this gold-digging great-nephew, or do you think he's correct in calling it a win-win situation?


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