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You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career

Weekend Read: You Majored in What?

Shortly after graduating college, it becomes clear that the working world is not all black and white. The jobs that you think correspond with your major might not necessarily interest you, and there may not be jobs available in the fields that do get you going. Now that the economy has lost so many jobs, all bets are off in formulaic thinking that your major will guide you to employment.

It takes creativity to create opportunities for yourself these days, and Katharine Brooks takes this reality to another level in her book, You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career ($26). She uses the mathematical chaos theory to map career plans that will eventually get readers to their final professional destination.

The author told Time that the majority of people she knows have ended up in jobs that have nothing to do with their college majors. She added, "The saddest thing to me is seeing someone take a job just because it pays well, and then spend all that money on toys to cheer them up for being miserable in their job. People who are doing what they love hardly feel they're working at all, just living."

This seems like it could be an interesting read for those who could use some help figuring out where to go with their careers. Check your local library or order it online.


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