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Your Two Cents: Is Financial Security the Key to Happiness?

Mo money worries, mo problems? A recent study found a link between financial security concerns and satisfaction with one's life. No doy, right? The study concluded that women who spend a lot of time worrying about financial matters were less likely to be happy with their lives — no matter how financially secure they were. The women who said they didn't spend much time thinking about savings, tuition for college or just making ends meet, reported being the happiest of the group.

"Even if you are making a hundred grand a year, if you are constantly worried that you are going to get fired, that you are going to lose your health insurance or that you are simply not sure you are going to 'make it,' you are not going to be happy."

Do you think financial security and the ability to not worry about finances are the golden ticket to happiness, or do you think there are too many other factors that play into your overall contentment with life?

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