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If You're a Dreamer, You're Not the Only One

If You're a Dreamer, You're Not the Only One

Realizing and accomplishing one's dreams is often easier said than done, but the effort is always worth it. Inspired by a quote from True Blood's dreamy Jason Stackhouse, I recently asked Savvy readers where they fall in the lineup of "people who got no dreams, people who have dreams and don't do anything about them, and people who go out and get their dreams."

If you're a dreamer, you're not the only one — 41 percent of SavvySugar readers say they have career and entrepreneurship dreams but aren't actively pursuing them, while another 41 percent say they have dreams and are working on making them a reality. The remaining 18 percent polled prefer a completely realistic approach. Check out highlights of my favorite inspirational comments.

  • Dreams make life worth living. — Le Romantique
  • I am a major dreamer and am slowly in the process of tackling them. Difficult but it will be worth it. If only I could settle on one career love but I guess that would make life far too boring. — leeluvfashion
  • The pursuit of the dreams are worth even more when we have the support of friends and more importantly of family. — RosaDilia
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