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Buy Whole Hams and Have the Deli Guy Slice It

Reddit user Hamsterdam says:

"Deli sliced ham cost two or three times as much as a whole ham. Most grocery store delis will slice a whole ham for you.

"A local store had a sale on deli sliced ham for $4 a pound. They were also having a sale on whole hams, $0.99 a pound. The ham weighed about 10 pounds, and I knew we wouldn't be able to eat it all at once. That's OK because cold cuts freeze really well.

"You might consider asking the deli to slice some of the meat into thicker slices for variety. (The ham steaks are great on the grill with some sliced pineapples, half peaches, and bell peppers.)

"If you have a good relationship with the store you could call ahead and have them slice the meat for you for pick up later."

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