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Interviewer / Company Phone Number

Even if you've allowed plenty of time for traffic the unexpected can always happen, like an accident that prevents you from getting to your interview on time. Have the phone number handy so you can call and discuss timing, and possibly reschedule your interview over the phone for another time.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock
thelorax thelorax 7 years
Ugh lawchick that experience would have left me frazzled!! 25 minutes of frantic door pounding before the interview; I don't know if I could have composed myself enough to do well!
nuri nuri 7 years
I'm fairly certain that I got the job that I start on Monday simply by showing up on time, being nice to every person I talked to at the employment center, having all these things (except a portfolio, all I had was a manila folder) and taking notes.
lawchick lawchick 7 years
well..... when I interviewed for the job I have now, I got there at 5:05 for a 5:30 interview. The door was locked! I kept ringing the doorbell and no one answered. I felt crazy yelling "let me in!" even though I could see people on the second floor. I kept calling and it went straight to voice mail, because the phones automatically switch to voice mail at 5! luckily someone left about 5:30 and let me in. I was so flustered! They said "oh yeah the doorbell is broken. sorry!" argh!!