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Brew It at Home

Be your own barista at home by buying beans at Starbucks stores — they'll even grind the beans for you. Or, you can pick a bag up at the grocery store.

There are even recipes you find online that show you how to make more of its complicated drinks like this frappuccino recipe.

Image Source: Instagram user pa0li
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5 years
Be warned. the $.50 refil is not a store wide policy. ours are .99. However we offer refils on hot and iced brewed coffee, all hot and iced tea drinks, americanos and double shots. also it does not even have to be the save visit of rus to honor it. you can come back in the afternoon to get your refil. and if you have a reusable cup even the first one is at the refill price. so all those drinks for just $.99. We also have daily deals that will get you $.50-$1 off each drink. but they are only at our store. On a down side most liscenced stores (kiosks) do not automatically give you the discount from your registered card. be sure you ask the barrista if that locvation participates and if you need to tell them your card is registered. Ask around at the starbucks (liscenced and company stores) in your area and see what their best deals are. Also don;t forget to tip your barrista. This just gives you good financial karma.
5 years
As a former Barista I can tell you that there are more ways to save than just this one. First of all the registered starbucks card is a must cause you get all kinds of free stuff and it costs nothing. That is also how you get free wifi. Also you can always add a syrup to a black coffee or a misto and it is way cheaper!
5 years
i love Starbucks but i dont go there often enough to really take advantage of these little savings but! i did find out that a coffee frappuccino tastes absolutely delicious and a grande only costs $3.40 thats 5 cents cheaper than a tall caramel frappuccino!
chatondeneige chatondeneige 5 years
Blech. Does anyone actually go to Starbucks because they think the coffee is tasty?