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The No-Contact Defensive Jacket

No, she's not singing 'Stop In The Name Of Love.' When I realized this was a picture for the No-Contact defensive jacket, I thought it was a joke - especially when I learned that it contained 80,000 volts of low amperage electric current pulse just below the outer shell. All jokes aside, this jacket functions as a protective barrier from violence and attacks with the press of a button. The shock from the high voltage exterior is intended to scare off an assailant and give the woman a chance to make a quick exit. Depending on the price, which isn't posted on the site, I'd consider wearing something like this. It's not like you see wires everywhere and you'd be safer than ever.
The creators, No-Contact hope that this jacket will "call attention to violence against women and to offer an alternative response to the body's vulnerable space and boundaries that society, culture and fashion have created."

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