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13 Celebrity Twitter Blunders

Feb 18 2010 - 5:47am

We've all had our Twitter TMI moments and online slipups — you'll know it by that instant feeling of regret after you hit "submit"— but at least you aren't a celebrity with millions of eyeballs watching your every move. Or maybe you are? Either way, celebs aren't immune from sending out tweets that would have been better served as a journal entry in the privacy of their own homes. Check out these celebrity Twitter blunders, and try to learn from their mistakes [1], will ya?

Kim Kardashian

Kim recently outed a federal air marshal mid-flight [2]. It's okay to engage in conversations with your fellow passengers, but try to keep the national security deets to yourself if you do happen to uncover something juicy.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan doesn't hold anything back. Ever. You got to give it to a girl who isn't afraid to air her dirty laundry and personal dramas [3] to the world, but in doing so, you run the risk of seeming out of control. Save the drama for your mama, as they say.

Chris Brown

Unfortunately, Chris Brown has made an online reputation for himself that is a bit unbecoming — he recently flew off the handle on Twitter about Walmart not carrying his albums. Come to find out the store was simply sold out [4] of his number one record. He shut down his Twitter account shortly thereafter, and this should serve as a lesson to you all: don't jump to conclusions and post your rant online.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton isn't one to shy away from the private tweets with his wife [5]. He even posted a secret rear-view shot of Demi [6] in a bikini. This is pretty much the definition of overshare. Keep your hidden camera pics to yourself!

John Mayer

John has caught a lot of flack for his tweets, and it even cost him his relationship with Jennifer Aniston [7]. No wonder she hates the site [8]. Lesson to be learned? Don't get addicted. Talking face-to-face is perfectly acceptable.

Michael Lohan

Michael came in on Twitter like a lion, sending tweets to Lily Allen regarding her drinking habits [9], pleading to daughter Lindsay to go to rehab, as well as her girlfriend Samantha Ronson about saving his daughter. As if you needed me to tell you, airing your drama on Twitter isn't the best way to conduct family business.

Noah Cyrus

Noah made some waves earlier this year when a video of her dancing provocatively to Akon's "Smack That" [10] showed up online. She also proved that she's no stranger to Twitter by regularly posting "kissyface" photos to her Twitter account [11]. If I could give Noah some advice, it would be to check out this website [12] and keep her pics offline . . . at least until she gets a little older. Photos posted online have a sneaky way of coming back to bite you later on.

Kevin Smith

I feel for Kevin Smith, who was recently kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being overweight [13]. His epic rant on Twitter shows his rage — great for blowing off some steam, maybe not so great when it's all you can talk about for days. If you must complain on Twitter, do so, then think about posting the rest on your blog. Dust yourself off, Kevin! We love you no matter what your size.

Megan McCain

Megan McCain is quickly becoming a voice for young Republicans, and has quite the following on Twitter. But the backlash from a recent tweet about her solo night in [14], may have her trying out a few new camera angles. Megan is a beautiful woman, but next time, she may want to do a mirror check before she snaps a pic. Prevent your own cleavage accident by keeping the girls covered during your next Twitpic session.

Bow Wow

Bow Wow has had a rough go with Twitter — first he gets busted after he tweeted about how tipsy he is while driving [15], then his mom keeps interfering in his virtual life [16]. He gave mom an ultimatum — it's either him, or her Twitter account. His account has since been wiped clean [17]. You do the math.

Chris Anderson

After TED presenter Sarah Silverman left the stage, organizer Chris Anderson tweeted about how "god-awful" she was as a performer [18]. Personally, I always try to stick to the Golden Rule: if you don't have anything nice to say (about your invited guests), don't say anything at all.

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is a great example of what not to do during labor [19]: tweet. Add that to your long list of Twitter TMI subjects.

Joel Madden

Nicole Richie recently announced her engagement on The Late Show With David Letterman [20], but before Nicole's episode could air, her husband-to-be posted the admission on Twitter [21]. Spoiler alert! Joel has since removed the tweet from his stream, but thankfully, the massive ring is still making a statement on Nicole's finger [22].

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