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1998 Honda Civic Gets Floppy Disk Body Job

Who copied who? Did the person with the car plastered with computer keys copy this woman with the floppy disk car? Either or, both are quite strange, although some serious points for having the courage to do such a techie thing. Featured on Spluch, this floppy disk car was spotted at the Fremont Fair.
According to the creator Weigand, "I wanted to make an art car, something kind of whimsical. It came to me one day that floppy disks are a very cheap thing to acquire and they wouldn’t add any significant weight to the car. I had a bunch from thrift stores and when you ask people, you find out they have a lot in closets or storage." She only had the car for a year before she starting going crazy with the glue and disks. If you look closely, you'll be able to see all the keyboard keys around the windows, on the dash and on the hubcabs. Keep your eyes peeled for this car on the road, which just so happens to have a license plate that reads 'DISKDRV.'





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