30 Must-See Geeky Movies 2010-01-14 05:47:58

30 Must-See Geeky Movies

30 Must-See Geeky Movies 2010-01-14 05:47:58

The upcoming 2010 award season has me all fired up to see the flicks I missed in 2009, but it also leaves me longing for the geeky classics of yore. 3D may be all the rage this year, but before anyone thought about donning the red and blue glasses in their own homes, these geeky movies became cult classics. Although I've seen a majority of the titles on this list, my New Year's resolution is to solidify my geek cred by watching them all! Check out some of the best decade-spanning geeky movies, and then tell me your favorites (or even better — the ones I'm missing) in the comments!


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