4 Gadgets That Help You Lose Weight

4 Gadgets To Help You Work Off That Turkey and Stuffing

4 Gadgets That Help You Lose Weight

So you had a little too much turkey, gravy and stuffing on Thanksgiving (not to mention all the leftovers you indulged in), and you completely ignored Fit's assessments of how many calories your typical Thanksgiving Day meal contained, which means you've probably gained a few pounds. No biggie, just let your gadget obsession help whip you back into shape. Although it will take some determination, it won't be all that hard, I promise — you just gotta get moving, and cut back on the treats. Click through this slideshow as I show you four gadgets that help you work off that extra weight and get you back to your pre-Thanksgiving Day body. Hey, at least your index finger will get a nice workout.



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