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5 Things You Can Do With an Xbox 360 Besides Play Games

5 Things You Can Do With Your Xbox Besides Play Games

I love my new Xbox 360. Not only does it coordinate with my other black gadgets, but it's now sleek, slim, much quieter than the last version and takes less power to operate. But if you think that the console is all gaming all the time, and only meant for hard-core gamers, you're sadly mistaken. My Xbox 360 is pretty much my all-in-one media center, and I can kick some butt while playing Alan Wake as well. In case you missed the Xbox 360 train, I'll give you five examples of what you can do with the console, besides play video games, and a few things to look forward to in the future after the break.

  • Watch Movies and TV Shows — Not only can you rent and buy movies and TV episodes from Xbox Live, but you can connect to your Netflix account.
  • Stream Content — If you have an external media server, your Xbox can connect to that, giving you access to movies, photos, TV shows, and videos you have stored there.
  • Tweet — You can send tweets from inside Xbox Live!
  • Post to Facebook — Post status updates, photos, and your favorite in-game moments to your Facebook profile, and brag to your pals about new achievements you've unlocked, without ever leaving the couch!
  • Read Your Flash Drives — Have some pics or a video you want to check out on the big screen? Just connect your flash drive to your Xbox 360, and get access quickly and easily.
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