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6-Way Charging With The Chargepod

This useful gadget should be labeled the charger of all chargers, or at least celebrated for its shape. With the callpod charger by Chargepod you can charge not one, not two, but six devices at once with a little extra arty flare. I probably would have laughed at this invention five years ago, but now that almost every device needs to be charged via USB it seems more than practical. You can use it for your PDA, iPod, cell phone, headsets, MP3 players and other devices (regardless of the manufacturer or model-just don't try to charge your laptop) with only one single power cord. Featured on Gizmodo, this fantastic charger will eliminate the multiple chargers lingering in your purse or drawer...not to mention the time you will save trying to decipher which charger goes with each gadget!
When I first saw a price of $50, I thought score - That's less than $10 per individual gadget charger. But then I realized the exact opposite was true, each adapter on top of the base charger is $10 extra, which means the callpod will cost you $110 for all six adapters. To see a gallery, just read more


chargepod 2

chargepod 4

chargepod 3

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