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41 Things That Prove Tech in the '90s Was Bomb.com

Jan 27 2016 - 6:45pm

Shame on the people who make fun of '90s tech (it's not like we've ever done that before [1] — ever). Seriously, who could question how great the Discman or AIM was? For the ultimate tech throwback, take a look at the gadgets, games, and software that we loved most from the decade that brought us [2] Spice Girls and Super Nintendo.

AOL Dial-Up

All while hearing this sound [3].

Source: Youtube user RetroHead92 [4]

Oregon Trail

Source: Instagram user b_i_l_l_i_e_ [5]


Source: Amazon user TalonSoft [6]

Lemmings on a Floppy Disk

Kid Pix

Source: Instagram user jayaproduction [7]

Microsoft Windows Guides by Chandler and Rachel on VHS

Source: Twitter user TheDragPrincess [8]

Discman (With Stickers)

iMac G3

Disney Handheld Games


Flying Toaster Screen Saver

Source: eBay user up-ores-and-mines [9]


Source: Instagram user joshuadouglas [10]

Duck Hunt

Source: Instagram user shettythadon [11]

Carmen Sandiego Video Games

Source: eBay user buy4pk2008 [12]

Dear Diary + i-Zone Polaroid Camera

Source: Instagram user lucyoulton [13]


Source: eBay user us_talia [14]

Disposable Camera + Kodak Advantix

Source: Instagram user lifeasipictured_ [15]

Geocities + Angelfire

Source: Instagram user lizshur [16]

Super Nintendo

Source: Instagram user alejandrojimenezoficial [17]

AOL Instant Messenger

Remember A/S/L?

Source: Instagram user thefabulousstains [18]

Game Boy

Source: Instagram user dghaim [19]


Source: eBay user mksales2012 [20]

Donkey Kong 64

Source: eBay user bobren2 [21]

Secret Sender

Source: Instagram user wendy4816 [22]

VHS Tapes

Source: Instagram user scottybabs [23]

VHS Rewinder

Source: Instagram user datsweater [24]

Car Phones

Netscape Navigator

Sega Genesis

Source: eBay user papa135 [25]

Floppy Disks

Source: Instagram user serdarakman [26]

Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM

See-Through Phones

Source: eBay user sgthree [27]


Source: Instagram user joenikyuluw [28]

Cellphones With Antennas

.WAV Files

Source: Instagram user questtheunbornchild [29]

Pocket Locker

Virtual Boy

Source: eBay user sj_gaylor [30]

Zip Drives

Source: eBay user plcfactory [31]

Tetris Watch

Source: eBay user slo23200 [32]


Source: eBay user stev_a4 [33]


Source: eBay user barnseybabe18 [34]

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