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Mathematical Adventure Time Money Protectors by Poketo

Jul 26 2013 - 4:17am

Finn, Jake, Beemo, and the rest of the Adventure Time crew can now accompany you on your adventures, with Poketo's limited edition release of wallets featuring the show's leading characters. The New York-based company teamed up with four artists to design mathematical money keepers inspired by the post-apocalyptic animated series.

We love Adventure Time illustrations [1], and can't wait to get our hands on these portable pieces of art. See all the offerings from the company's second series of Adventure Time wallets and let us know which one your pocket is coveting.

Peskimo Wallet 4

Hot air balloon Jake carries Finn across an Ooo winterscape as Princess Bubblegum stands by in Peskimo Wallet 4 [2] ($20).

Peskimo Wallet 3

Candy Kingdom makes for a sweet background in Peskimo Wallet 3 [3] ($20). Also, we're loving you in that bowtie, Jake.

Jolby Wallet 2

In Jolby Wallet 2 [4] ($20), Beemo presses a secret combination of buttons that spews out all of our favorite characters!

Jon Vermilyea Wallet 3

Jon Vermilyea Wallet 3 [5] ($20) shows the most heroic, adventure-seeking side of the sword-wielding Fionna and Cake, with her paws at the ready.

Jesse LeDoux Wallet 1

The cast gets a '70s spin on the retro-colored Jesse LeDoux Wallet 1 [6] ($20).

Jolby Wallet 3

Put the Jolby Wallet 3 [7] ($20) up to your face and instantly be transformed into Finn!

Martin Cendreda Wallet 2

Gunter, Lemonhead, LSP, and more get groovy at Martin Cendreda Wallet 2 [8]'s ($20) dance party.

Nathalie Roland Wallet 1

Nathalie Roland Wallet 1 [9] ($20) shows that even the creatures of Ooo need their breakfast.

Andy Ristaino Wallet

Group photo! The Andy Ristaino Wallet [10] ($20) assembles most of the cast for a happy group shot.

Martin Cendreda Wallet 1

Cake and Fionna battle robo-skeletons on Martin Cendreda Wallet 1 [11] ($20).

Jesse LeDoux Wallet 2

Could Jake be featured on the actual currency of Ooo, as Jesse LeDoux Wallet 2 [12] ($20) depicts?

Nathalie Roland Wallet 2

The series's musical guests get together for a little jam session on Nathalie Roland Wallet 2 [13] ($20).

Jolby Wallet 4

If you're a Jake fan, opt for the dog-transforming Jolby Wallet 4 [14] ($20) — just hold it up to your face to become Ooo's most heroic talking canine!

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