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An Intelligent Speaker That Exudes Modern Glamour

Mar 5 2014 - 1:47pm

Aether's Cone [1] doesn't have any wires, but it's not Bluetooth-enabled. It's designed to play music, but you don't get to choose the tracks it plays. This gorgeous audio device isn't just a speaker — it is a "thinking device." Don't be fooled by the Cone's simplistic outerwear . . . this is as futuristic as it gets.

The Cone connects to your WiFi network and streams music from a service like Spotify or Rdio. Songs from your library or collection will start playing automatically. If you like a song, let it play and Cone will find others like it. If you don't like what comes on, reach out and turn the front of the speaker to the right to skip. Over time, Cone will know what you want to hear before you do.

But if your ears are craving one song in particular, just tap and hold the center button, then tell Cone what you want to hear. Its voice-activation tech will spring into action and stream that track. Yep, it's a speaker that you can speak to. Aside from the invisible, touch-enabled center button, the speaker's beautiful hardware only features two controls: volume up and volume down.

Cone will also work with Apple AirPlay [2] so you can play tracks from your iTunes library on your phone or Mac, too.

We're loving the simple, chic design and the glamorous, two-toned metallic/plastic hardware. It is incredibly modern and will fit right into any minimalist home. This Summer, Aether's new sound gadget will arrive in black and copper first, and it will be available in white and silver later in the year. It costs $399, and you can reserve yours at Aether's website [3].

Source: Facebook user Aether Things [4]



Touch-Enabled Center Button

Black and Copper Side View

White and Silver Top View

White and Silver Side View

White and Silver Front

White and Silver (Coming Late 2014)

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