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AirDock For iPod - For Your Computer, Stereo or TV

If you're not the type to just use a cable to connect your iPod to your speakers or TV, consider the AirDock for iPod, a nifty little device that can control, charge and play your iPod through your TV, stereo or computer.

Initially, I thought it was just another "not so necessary" gadget, but I realized the fact that it is controlled by a nifty remote allows full listening control. You won't have to get up from dinner, the couch or bed to push the click wheel, because you can just click away on the remote. Also, the fact that the dock charges your iPod means you don't have to worry about hooking it up to your computer before getting up to work out in the morning.




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Computer Use: You connect the AirDock to your computer's USB port. Plug in your iPod to recharge its battery while you sync with iTunes.

TV/Stereo Use: You connect AirDock to your TV or stereo using the Griffin HomeConnect cable - it comes with the dock. You can sit back and enjoy your music, photos and videos. They say the remote works through walls, but I haven't tried it yet.

Griffin is selling the AirDock for $69.99.


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