Alarm Clock With Changeable Fabric Front - Genius!

I'm pretty careless when it comes to organizing my closet and car but when it comes to my desk and bookshelves the imprisoned OCD in me comes out. I like everything to be in order - every book in its place, everything matching. So, when I first saw the Fabric Desktop alarm clock in walnut wood veneer and stainless steel that allows you to pick (and have the option to change) the face with any fabric you want, I nearly flipped.

The fabric screen is designed to be removed and replaced with any material you prefer: Tartan? A left over swatch of your duvet or office curtains? A torn scrap from that tee shirt you wore when you got backstage at the Rolling Stones concert? The power to pick and choose is all yours. The clock comes with three fabric swatches that are included in the box. For a look at how it works, read more