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What Amazon's New Phone Has That Yours Doesn't

Jun 19 2014 - 9:36am

There's a new kid on the smartphone block, and it's looking pretty good so far. Today, Amazon announced the Fire phone with features that'll make you (at the very least) question the phone you have now.

As for specs, here's a quick breakdown of the hardware inside the Fire phone: a 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass screen with a HD resolution, quad-core 2.2GHz processor, Adreno 330 graphics, 2GB of RAM.

But this is what else we're excited to see on the Fire:

A Better Camera with (Free) Photo Storage

Big Audio Sounds

Dynamic Perspective, 3D in Amazon Speak

Firefly, a New All-Knowing Technology [1]

Classic Amazon Features Built-In

The Fire Phone is available for preorder today exclusively on AT&T (32GB model, $199 on a two-year contract; 64GB model, $299 on a two-year contract) and will ship on July 25.

— Additional reporting by Kelly Schwarze

Source: Getty / David Ryder [7]

Fire's App Grid Interface

Source: Amazon [8]

Dynamic Perspective in Maps

Source: Amazon [9]

A View of Apps in the Carousel Setting

Source: Amazon [10]

Recent Firefly Identifications

Source: Amazon [11]

Prime Music

Source: Amazon [12]

Amazon Mayday in Action

Source: Amazon [13]

Swipe Left For Shortcuts

Source: Amazon [14]

Swipe Right For Notifications

Source: Amazon [15]

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