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20 Reasons People Shouldn't Be Allowed on Social Media

Jan 22 2016 - 4:50am

Sometimes, humans are the worst. We scoured our social media feeds for the most-annoying things people post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — and came up with these 20 Internet crimes. These are the things that make you go "ew," "just stop," "no," and "BUT WHY." Without further ado, the posts that deserve a giant thumbs-down.

Source: Getty / Robyn Beck [1]

The cryptic message about feeling . . . *depressed*

And then people are like, "WHAT'S WRONG?! R U OKAY?"
And then they're like, "I don't want to talk about it."

Extremist, borderline-psycho political rants

Your opinion is not welcome here.

Source: MTV [2]

Getting a million Candy Crush invites

Because every single one of them will be ignored.

Photos of a disgusting injury

Some things you can't unsee.

Vacation-photo overkill

There should be a legal limit. On fun.

Getting invited to random events

If you could just stop, that'd be great.

Source: Imgur [3]

When someone posts a bad picture of you

SO rude.

Posting song lyrics with ZERO context

Nobody wants to decode your life through Drake lyrics.

Source: Imgur [4]

Very, very frequent relationship updates

Public displays of happiness . . . GROSS. Don't need that date-night selfie.

Babies as profile pictures

Not because we hate babies, but it's just awkward when a baby who can't talk posts on Facebook.

Source: Imgur [5]



Phantom tagging

You were not there. DO NOT TAG YOURSELF.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen

Photo collages for every single one of your sorority sisters' birthdays


Gross pictures of food

Not #foodporn.

Source: Imgur [6]

Significant others who never comment on or "like" any of your statuses

Aka the phantom boyfriend/girlfriend.

Pregnancy updates every. single. day.

We get it. Your belly has a tiny human in it.

Gym selfies, bathroom selfies, and sexy selfies

Just, no [7].

The humblebrag


Source: Twitter user Humblebrag [8]

Pictures of couples making out

Seriously. Seriously?!

When long-lost relatives comment on every photo and status

How to begin . . . please shut up.

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