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Apple Bans Screen Protectors From Retail Stores

Apple Banning All Screen Protectors From Retail Stores

If you're a fan of the plastic film screen protectors that come with many popular iPhone and iPod Touch cases, take note: Apple has recently initiated a ban on all screen protectors (including anti-glare and mirrored films, and mats that go between your MacBook's keyboard and screen) for its retail stores. This includes not only iPhone and iPod handsets, but also for MacBooks as well. Reasons behind the ban are unknown, but it seems those products that come with the film protectors are not only difficult to apply without leaving behind those annoying bubbles, but they also are found to have a high rate of return.

Interestingly, some sources are stating that the ban could be to ensure that screen protection isn't necessary. This comes as the iPad (which has a giant exposed screen) is gearing up for shipment.


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