Rumor has it that the Apple TV's ship date has been pushed back to the beginning of March.The original internal ship date for the Apple TV was said to be on February 20th, 2007, but internal targets have reportedly been moved to the beginning of March, Macrumors reports.

MacRumors also said customers report that early Apple TV order statuses have not changed and still reflect a February 28th shipping date. I was going to suggest Apple TV as a late Valentine treat for anyone that forgot to get their sweetie a gift on time, but it looks like it just might be too late. What is Apple TV? For more about it and a gallery of photos from Macworld 2007, just read more

What is it? Apple TV connects to your TV via an HDMI port or component video and audio ports. Its built-in, superfast 802.11 wireless capability syncs your iTunes library to any Mac or PC in the house. So, whatever is on your Apple TV stays in sync: Anytime you change your library in iTunes, it changes on Apple TV — wirelessly, automatically. You can get Apple TV for $299.