Apple iPad 2 Pictures

Up Close and Personal With the iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 Pictures

After today's iPad 2 presentation, I got a chance to play around with the tablet myself. While it's true what they say — the second-generation tablet is thinner and lighter — it's also got a lot under the hood. I got a chance to demo FaceTime (check out that video on our Facebook page), test out the gyroscopes during some in-game play, surf the web, and play a video or two. My verdict? It's remarkably improved over the last version, coming in faster, sleeker, and so much easier to hold in your hands. Not to mention the options — 16, 32, 64GB, white or black, AT&T or Verizon, and price points starting at $499. Take your pick!

While there was no screen resolution bump, watching videos on the iPad 2 was a joy, not only for me with the crisp screen, but also for the iPad — there was no lag whatsoever, even during games. Check out some close-up images of the iPad from the demo area here, and don't forget to click through our slideshow of the presentation!