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Ask a Geek Girl: What Does In-and-Out Holster Mean on My BB?

Dear GeekSugar,
I just got a new BlackBerry and was very excited to select my new ringtone and SMS notification sounds. When I am in my profiles, there's an option for setting for In Holster and Out of Holster, but I don't know what that means. Please help!
— New BlackBerry Owner

Dear New BlackBerry Owner,
You'd never guess it, but there are still people who choose to keep their BlackBerry in a holster (otherwise known as a cell-phone clip or case). All BlackBerry's feature a magnetic sensor right under the keyboard, and most BlackBerry holsters feature a magnet as well, so when your BlackBerry is in one of these cases, you can utilize the "in-holster" settings. So say you want your phone to vibrate for both emails and phone calls when it is in its holster, you can set your phone to do so.

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