We already knew the "i" craze had passed the point of no return, but it looks like "pod" mania may be gaining speed in the race.

Yesterday I learned about the Apod, or Asthma Pod, which is a colorful plastic case that clips around your standard asthma inhaler. They cost about $20 (or £10 because it's a British company) and come in 7 colors. So why am I so bent out of shape? For the most part the devices are cute, brightly hued plastic that will hopefully make asthmatic children everywhere feel better about their illness, however, the name alone makes me worry and wonder about the day the "pod" epidemic will end.

From the Laserpod, "pod" Hotels to EnergyPods for midday napping, there really is no logic to the over usage of the word "pod," which sprang to popularity with the lionization of the iPod. Will three out of five plastic items that are shaped like a bean or iPod be labeled "i-something" or "pod" from here until eternity? Will we wake up one morning and find out "pods" are suddenly as uncool as Walkmans? Most importantly, when will it end?