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Atrio Earphones: Small And Powerful

When I first took the Atrio Series earphones from Future Sonics for a test drive I was extra skeptical about their soft, moveable body, but after hearing Shakira and a whole list of famous composers own headphones from the company, I decided to put them to the test. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they performed. They are shaped noticeably different than traditional earphones, as the section that fits in your ear is much larger than say, the infamous Apple earbuds. The good news is their adjustable body means they fit perfectly in any ear. As soon as I put them in my ears, I hardly noticed they were in because they are both snug and comfortable.

When I first turned on the music the audio was clear and had excellent speaker output. I am by no means an audiophile, but compared to other standard earphones I've tried, the Atrio Series are high quality earphones. The feature that stood out the most was the built-in earplugs in the earphones. Because of their impressive design, they basically drown out all outside noise, which makes them great for use on a bus or airplane or if you just want to tune everything else out. Even with this earplug system, they are created in such a way that doesn't put any pressure on the ear or eardrum. If you don't feel like wearing those huge noise canceling headphones, these are probably the next best thing because they are compact and comfortable. Priced at $199.




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