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GeekSugar's August Must Haves

Aug 2 2010 - 3:47am

As much as it pains me to say it, the pool parties and barbecues of Summer will soon be fading into the hot-tea-laden evenings of Fall. Although I welcome the change (who doesn't like shopping for Fall clothes!?), I still plan on taking every opportunity to head to the beach while I can!

Whether you're heading back to school soon, or just want to reorganize and freshen up your life for the new season, you can get ready early by stocking up on some of these tech items that will make your life easier, and keep your gadgets nice and cozy once the cooler weather hits.

Dooney & Bourke iPad Case ($65)

There's still time left in your Summer to cash in on lighter-hued gadget accessories, and if there's one to snatch up now it's this Dooney & Bourke iPad Case [1]. Crafted from D&B's luxurious-yet-sturdy Cabriolet cloth, it not only protects your iPad from bumps and bruises, but stays nice and clean with its waterproof, stain resistant, and fade resistant abilities.

Grab yours now (in a variety of colors) from Dooney & Bourke online [2].

Ikea Vika Veine Desk ($99)

You should find a place in your packed apartment for Ikea's Vika Veine Desk [3] for three reasons. One, it comes with lots of built-in storage for your pens, paperwork, headphones, cell phone, and laptop. Two, it's convertible — the top folds down when you're not hard at work so you can have a clean surface for dinner, to read the Sunday paper, or to (gasp) write with an actual pen. Three, it's only $99 bucks, which makes it a total find for small-space dwellers. Did I mention it comes in two colors? Yeah, you're totally set.

The Vika Veine isn't available online, but you can check your local Ikea locations [4] to see if it's in stock before you head out.

Jill-e Leather Camera Bag ($170)

Budding photographers will love the Jill-e Leather Camera Bag [5] since it allows you to tote your DSLR, lenses, and other essentials, without having to carry a huge "look at me!" bag around. Made from luscious leather, and containing padded and convertible walls, it's a great starter bag for the stylish shutterbug. You should probably keep it away from moms and travelers, though, since it's also the perfect size for diapers and carry-on items!

You can order your Jill-e Camera bag online [6] now.

Amazon Kindle 3G ($140 - $190)

Who says size doesn't matter? The third-generation Kindle made its grand entrance [7] last week sporting a slimmer silhouette, making it more portable than ever. Small may be the name of the game on the outside, but inside, the new Kindle boasts big storage capabilities — it can hold up to 3,500 ebooks (2,000 more than the previous model), which should help you knock out your Summer reading list with the quickness. Coming in two different colors, models, and price points — WiFi-only in graphite for $140, and WiFi + 3G in graphite or white for $190 — there's sure to be a Kindle for every taste and budget.

Preorder your Kindle on Amazon now [8] for delivery beginning August 27.

Apple Magic Trackpad ($69)

Some may call it magic, but I just call it smart design. The new Apple Magic Trackpad [9] works like your laptop's trackpad, letting you pinch and zoom, rotate, and use multitouch controls that you've grown so accustomed to using on your MacBook. Sure, there are other desktop-based touch tablets out there that let you do the same thing, but let's face it — the Trackpad is family.

You can order your Magic Trackpad online [10] or snatch one up at your nearest Apple store now.

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