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Back to the Future 2 Tech

Back to the Future Predicted Exactly What 2015 Would Look Like

It's hard to believe it, but any fan of Back to the Future II will remember that parts of the flick took place in 2015 — you know, the year we're living in now. Part of why we loved it so much growing up was because it got us excited for what was to come . . . flying cars, hoverboards, self-drying jackets, and more amazingness. How much of those things do we have now? Let's find out!

  • Hoverboards — We were stoked to learn that a real-life hoverboard is now in the works after being successfully funded on Kickstarter. Let's all take up skateboarding now so we can be ready when the floating device hits the mass market.
  • Self-tying shoes — Back in 2011, Nike released a limited-edition self-tying high-top sneaker just like the one in the movie, but it's not a product for the masses — yet.
  • Flying cars — AeroMobil has come up with a stunning prototype for a flying car, but who knows how long it will be until we're driving them.
  • Food rehydrators — Future Jennifer inserts a tiny pizza in a "food rehydrator" and in seconds has a full-sized, piping hot pie for the family to nosh on. This would save lots of time during late-night gaming marathons, but we're still wondering where we can get one.
  • Personal video goggles — Marty Jr. is preoccupied with his personal video glasses throughout the family dinner scene in Back to the Future II. Google Glass, anyone?
  • Video chat — Score! We can definitively knock this invention off the list.
  • Thumbprint home key entry — Jennifer doesn't need a key to enter her 2015 home in Hilldale; she just needs her thumb. Thankfully, you can live like her with one of these keyless thumbprint door locks.
  • Self-drying jackets — When Marty takes a dive into the Hill Valley pond, his jacket dries itself off. How useful would one of these be if you got caught in a rainstorm?!
  • Controller-less video games — When Marty plays Wild Gunman at Cafe 80's, the two kids who watch him complain that you have to use your hands. Ever used the Xbox 360 Kinect? Motion-controlled video games are here, folks.
Image Source: Universal Pictures
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