Bamboo Laptop Case

Go Green to Work With the Silva Bamboo Laptop Case

Bamboo Laptop Case

Are you down with the bamboo gadget and accessory trend? Now is the perfect time to get on board, not only because Earth Day is just a few short days away, but because there's a new laptop case on the market that promises eco-friendly protection and style. Called Silva ($179), this case wraps your 13- and 15-inch MacBooks in carmel bamboo and hand-oiled leathers, so you can tote your machine to and from work with a smaller (eco) footprint.

On the inside, you'll find a lining of wool felt (a favorite among independent designers), and the case itself weighs about two pounds. Look forward to more model sizes and an iPad version coming soon! Want to get a better look? Check out the other images in the gallery.


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