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Do You Snap Pics at Concerts Despite No Camera Rules?

Nov 11 2009 - 3:44pm

It's safe to say that if you have a cell phone, you've probably snapped a few photos at a concert to post on Facebook [1] or to send as an accompaniment to a tweet. And although the typical "no photos/camera" rule seems pretty archaic in these days of super-powerful and slim digital point-and-shoot cameras, some bands and venues don't allow cameras of any kind during their shows, while others only allow small, digital versions [2].

For me, if I'm taking pictures or video of an artist at a concert, it's for my own memory and nostalgia. But the fear for bands and venues is that if you have a camera, you might sell your photos for a profit. I know how small cameras can be now, so for a venue to intensively check each person for a camera (not to mention a camera phone) seems pretty impossible, especially when the sleek Sony Powershot [3] is smaller than my BlackBerry. This got me wondering — do you snap pics during concerts, or do you follow the "no camera" rules?

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