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Make-a-Wish Helps Miles Become Batkid, and It's Awesome

Nov 16 2013 - 4:47pm

Today San Francisco became Gotham City [1]. Make-a-Wish helped 5-year-old Miles Scott, who has battled leukemia for years, fulfill his dream of becoming Batkid. All over the city, fans came out to cheer him on, and they shared support and snaps on Instagram using the hashtag #sfbatkid.

Batkid was spotted driving around in his Batmobile Lamborghini and rescuing a damsel in distress from the cable car tracks, and another Batman, Val Kilmer himself [2], even got in on the fun, writing on Facebook: "Just heard the riddler is robbing a bank in the financial district. Hurry #sfbatkid." If you weren't feeling weepy-eyed yet, Batkid's little brother dressed up as Robin. And even President Barack Obama congratulated Batkid on saving Gotham.

We were on the scene at Gotham City Hall, where Mayor Ed Lee gave Miles a key to the city. A US prosecutor and an FBI agent were also on hand to thank Batkid for his service, and he even became a deputized special agent for the Gotham City division of the FBI. San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr joked that Batkid would put him out of a job and told the thousands of people gathered that "this is off the hook, San Francisco." Nick Scott, Miles's father, also spoke and said that this big day was closure for the family and Miles, who just went into remission in June after fighting cancer since he was less than 20 months old. See how dreams do come true with a roundup of photos from the day.

Source: Getty [3]

Batman held Batkid on his shoulders after the little one received a key to the city.

At Union Square, people in the crowd wore Batman masks.

Batkid was all smiles at AT&T Park.

Batkid Miles Scott celebrated with his parents and the city's fire and police chiefs.

Batkid was joined on stage by his parents, Natalie and Nick Scott, plus his little brother, who was dressed as Robin.

Batman and Batkid arrived at AT&T Park to save San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal from the Penguin.

Lou Seal celebrated after being rescued by Batkid.

Batkid took some time to run the bases at AT&T Park after saving the Giants mascot.

Batkid saved Lou Seal, the Giants mascot, who was kidnapped by the Penguin.

Crowds gathered to celebrate with Batkid at San Francisco City Hall.

Supporters snapped pictures as the Penguin kidnapped Lou Seal, the Giants mascot, at Union Square.

Batman and Batkid stopped to talk strategy during their big day in "Gotham City."

Miles's parents, Natalie and Nick Scott, kicked off the day with their little superhero, plus his sidekick younger brother, who was dressed as Robin.

Batkid started his day out in a Lamborghini that was transformed into the Batmobile.

Supporters dressed up, lining the streets in Batman gear.

Huge crowds gathered at San Francisco City Hall for Batkid's big day.

Miles received a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle, which became the Gotham City Chronicle for the day.

San Francisco's police chief celebrated with Batkid.

Signs for Batkid filled the crowd, which cheered as he arrived at City Hall.

Batkid talked strategy with Batman after Lou Seal was kidnapped.

Batkid was all smiles when he got a key to the city.

Batkid held up his hand, celebrating with his family.

Even President Obama had a message for Miles!

Source: Vine user White House Video [4]

Batkid exited his cool Batmobile with his helper.

Source: Instagram user ryoj [5]

A police officer escorted the Batmobile with a "kapow" sign on the front of his motorcycle.

Five-year-old Batkid made his way through the streets of "Gotham City" in his Batmobile.

Batkid helped to save the day by taking down The Riddler.

Source: Instagram user sassmouthesq [6]

A special sign saved a spot for the Batmobile.

Source: Instagram user misscherilyn [7]

Batkid came across The Riddler during his big day in "Gotham City."

Source: Instagram user djbigreij [8]

Batkid to the rescue!

Source: Instagram user shannonnolde [9]

Batkid untied the damsel in distress.

Source: Instagram user lilazteca510 [10]

Batkid hugged the damsel in distress after he rescued her.

Source: Instagram user doubleldaniell [11]

Batkid was joined by his little brother, who was dressed as Robin.

Source: Instagram user jrfabito [12]

The Batmobile cruised down the street.

Source: Instagram user stephpet [13]

Batkid and his adult helper posed by their Batmobile.

Source: Instagram user lisssyyy [14]

The local Gotham City Chronicle was on the story.

Source: Instagram user mullin_around [15]

The bat symbol was on display downtown.

Source: Instagram user tresn23 [16]

A woman played the damsel in distress while people watched from a cable car.

Source: Instagram user editag [17]

Batwoman showed her support on public transportation.

Source: Instagram user acox_13 [18]

A fan showed off an encouraging sign.

Source: Instagram user mng81 [19]

Batkid got a comic in the newspaper.

Source: Instagram user macmichaelson [20]

A furry friend was ready to lend support.

Source: Instagram user sleepypandabunnie [21]

This supporter's socks came with sound effects.

Source: Instagram user stephaniecarnes1 [22]

Another little guy dressed up to show his support.

Source: Instagram user zephyrsf [23]

San Francisco's seal got a makeover.

Source: Instagram user varookayyyy [24]

Police were on hand to escort Batkid to the first scene of the crime.

Source: Instagram user trishaleeper [25]

Batkid made his way through the streets in his Batmobile.

Source: Instagram user shananbyous [26]

Local kids showed their support for Batkid in Union Square.

Source: Instagram user goplae [27]

You know what to do.

Source: Instagram user leighwalker [28]

Another adorable young San Franciscan showed her support with a Batkid shirt and cape.

Source: Instagram user lisapopsugar [29]

The Batmobile was spotted around town.

Source: Instagram user esg829 [30]

Gotham residents showed their support.

Source: Instagram user esg829 [31]

Batkid drew crowds as he walked through the streets to save the day.

Batkid and Batman arrived at a former bank vault to arrest the Riddler.

Batkid walked along the streets of San Francisco, which was transformed into "Gotham City" for the day.

The crowd snapped pictures after the Riddler was arrested.

Batkid rushed inside the former bank vault to get the Riddler.

AT&T Park showed some love with a message on the Jumbotron.

Source: Instagram user alma_makethat [32]

Huge crowds took over San Francisco's Union Square to support Batkid.

Source: Instagram user lynaecook [33]

People took to the streets for a glimpse of Batkid, while crowds gathered in the windows of buildings along the road.

Source: Instagram user rnolan12 [34]

It was a Batkid frenzy on the streets of "Gotham City."

Source: Instagram user kannkinz [35]

Batkid was called to save Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants mascot, after he was kidnapped by the Penguin.

Source: Instagram user ideap3 [36]

A sweet message was displayed by supporters at the "Gotham City Symphony."

Source: Instagram user sfsymphony [37]

An adorable fan held up a sign for Batkid.

Source: Instagram user yessiejam [38]

A group of preschool students wearing Batkid t-shirts showed support for Miles.

Source: Instagram user kristamoatz [39]

Lou the Seal, the Giants mascot, was tied up and ready to be saved at AT&T Park.

Source: Instagram user clevergirlscoll [40]

San Francisco locals held up signs in support.

Source: Instagram user dejesusmorrobel [41]

Batkid took the stage, receiving a key to the city.

Source: Instagram user recklesspedestrian [42]

A banner flew through the sky, saying, "Wishes do come true #SFBatkid."

Source: Instagram user hayleydare13 [43]

Batkid took the stage, receiving a key to the city.

Source: Instagram user theexplodingkind [44]

"Batkid" signs popped up throughout San Francisco.

Source: Instagram user shastablastawraps [45]

Fellow superheroes gathered to see Batkid receive a key to the city.

Source: Instagram user jennebarbour [46]

People came out in droves to see Batkid's key ceremony.

Source: Instagram user chelsikim [47]

Batkid held up a hand in the air, cheering when he received the key.

Source: Instagram user jamigraves [48]

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