Beautiful Videos on Vimeo

Weekend Watch: 27 Beautiful Films on Vimeo

Weekend Watch: 27 Beautiful Films on Vimeo

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, curling up with leftover stuffing and watching some awe-inspiring videos sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Well, we've unearthed stunning, beautifully crafted films that feature everything from time-lapses of the night sky to an autistic artist who draws entire skylines from memory.

These visual wonders are a small sample of the artistry on Vimeo, whose robust filmmaking community seems to grow by the day. The video-hosting site launched Creator Services earlier this year to help support the creative endeavors of filmmakers and producers, so we only expect more amazing online flicks in the future. Until then, sit back and enjoy the best of what Vimeo has to offer right now. You also might want to grab your charger, because you'll be here a while.


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