The Beauty Factory Video Game Challenges Users To Create Virtual Cosmetics Companies

Beauty Factory Game: For the Ambitious, Beauty-Obsessed Geek

If you can't get enough of Second Life or Sims-like games where you're challenged to create an avatar and personality that succeeds in a virtual world, AND you also happen to be obsessed with one day running your own beauty product factory and company, then I've got the ultimate niche video game for you: Beauty Factory.

When I first glanced at the game, I assumed it was a video game with challenges like, "Coordinate the Lip Gloss to the Nail Polish," or "Ultimate Smoky Eye Challenge," but when I saw the tag line, "Girls just wanna have business," I realized my mistake. Beauty Factory is an exercise in being a cosmetics industry mogul, and has more to do with marketing and innovating than mascara and eye shadow application.

Build up your cosmetics empire, check in on the scientists formulating the perfect concealer, and prove you're more than one kind of Mac girl!