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Belkin's New USB Hub Line-Up

Belkin's New USB Hub Line-Up

Need to multiply your USB ports because your laptop is overflowing with USB devices? Belkin has just come out with a trio of Hubs that are tiny enough to feng shui into any small space. The first is the 7-port Hub-To-Go that includes a rotating connector on the detachable 4-port hub where you can plug in your mouse, camera or iPod in these hi-speed 2.0 ports. The other three ports are on the back of the base and can be used to connect bigger devices like your printer. You can also use this base as a paper clip or notepad holder like the one shown below from Chip Chick. Easily detach the 4-port hub from the base and it is the perfect travel accessory. Priced at $50.
The additional hubs include the Clip-On Hub that can attach to the edge of your desk so you don't have cords everywhere and the swivel hub, that can rotate left, right, up, and down to provide easy port access. Both cost $30.




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