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Need It Now: The Benedict Cumberbatch Coloring Book

Jul 19 2014 - 9:03am

How many ways can we express our feelings about Benedict Cumberbatch [1]? Tons. And now let's add one more to the list: with a coloring book. The creation is part of I Love Mel's Colour Me Good [2] series — the same one that brought us the glorious famous Ryan Gosling version [3].

You'll want to dig through your drawers and break out the crayons as soon as you see the 16 drawings. Some feature the star in his most famous roles [4], and some show him smiling and smoldering just as he should. You can buy it online [5] now for about $13.

The silliest/best part about the whole thing is that you can pretend you're, you know, actually with him by drawing what your joint house would look like or what you'd cook together for dinner. We can dream, can't we?

Source: I Love Mel [6]

In which kittens protest Benedict's popularity.

Source: I Love Mel [7]

So much pressure to cook the right meal.

Source: I Love Mel [8]

That Sherlock smolder [9] — ooh baby!

Source: I Love Mel [10]

Oh, the possibilities.

Source: I Love Mel [11]

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