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We Searched Reddit For the Week's Most Amazing Pics So You Don't Have To

Mar 16 2014 - 10:03am

Every day, we laugh, get inspired, and even tear up over photos on Imgur, the picture-hosting website [1]. This week was no exception, seeing as how the site was full of gems — and we thought you should see them, too. Ahead, check out the week's best photos, accompanied by the captions just as they were written. Enjoy!

Source: Reddit user StewPaddasso [2]

"Furniture puns"

Source: Reddit user Amandajohnstonn [3]

"My sister looked out the window of her apartment and saw an ongoing lightsaber battle in progress"

Source: Reddit user VIParadigm [4]

"My friend attached balloons to his dreads and then cut them off yesterday"

Source: Reddit user hdubs [5]

"Classic Chris"

Source: Imgur user maniakrx8 [6]

"Just me at 12, taking a road trip with my parents and apparently their sense of humor."

Source: Reddit user catword [7]

"Maybe one day"

Source: Imgur user DaveyHayden [8]

"Recently got moved to a new office, this sign is glued to wall"

Source: Reddit user Pringle-King [9]

"What the hell did I do . . . ," aka more tech #firstworldproblems [10].

Source: Reddit user thebeast5268 [11]

"Kids these days . . . "

Source: Imgur user bkoo [12]

"Sentry Gun with webcam and remote controlled by smartphone."

Source: Imgur user beastn [13]

"Minnesota Yeti Caught on Film"

Source: Reddit user StewPaddasso [14]

"Dealing with wearing a cast, you're doing it goddamn right."

Source: Imgur user steve699 [15]

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