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10 of the Best Instagram Hashtags to Follow

Apr 20 2015 - 6:30am

Now that you know who to follow for some major Instagram photography inspiration [1], it's time for what to follow. No offense to all the typical #ootds and #foodporns [2], but these unique hashtags are pretty to look at and will make you want to get out and shoot some pics yourself — #nofilter needed.

Source: Instagram [3]


Whether Instagrammers are taking photos at sunrise or sunset (aka the golden hour [4]), check out how they are making the best use of natural light — and then join in on the fun.

Source: Instagram user hipebeast [5]


This hashtag mostly belongs to the hilly city of San Francisco, but users all over the world are taking rad snaps of steep streets.

Source: Instagram user kabakoroshiya [6]


Two-wheel lovers will appreciate this series of cool, unique bike shots.

Source: Instagram user densschoof [7]


Years ago, an Instagrammer began snapping photos of empty chairs in Casablanca, Morocco [8], and tagging them #emptychairsproject. Soon people everywhere joined in on the project, proving something so simple can be so captivating.

Source: Instagram user juliegeb [9]


Accidental art is around us everywhere and comes in many different forms (hello, dropped ice cream cone or puddle of rain). That's the fun premise behind this unique hashtag.

Source: Instagram user jorgecuevasjr [10]


This one hardly needs an explanation, except to say silhouettes make for [11] some of the most jaw-dropping snaps.

Source: Instagram user jpf_insta [12]


Take a photo of what you see right now where you're standing, and add to this beloved Instagram hashtag.

Source: Instagram user pauloctavious [13]


Fog is haunting and beautiful at the same time, and this hashtag stream is proof.

Source: Instagram user thevuvobandit [14]


Grab a friend or download an
app with a timer [15] to jump and capture the kind of midair shot that belongs in this series.

Source: Instagram user wacamera [16]


After you're done chasing lights and fog, notice the shadows around you for Instagram-worthy photos.

Source: Instagram user spinstamatic [17]

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